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Press releases archive

January - April 2005

CPPIH offers partners the opportunity to continue supporting the PPI Forum members

8 April 2005

Praise from Minister as ‘Knowledge is Power' system scoops top award

8 April 2005

CPPIH Board response to the government's proposal on Patient & Public Involvement

The CPPIH Board Statement

23 March 2005

Changes Are 'Serious Setback' For Public Involvement In Health Says CPPIH Board

15 March 2005

Chief Executive Pledges Continuing High-Quality CPPIH Support For PPI Forum Members

15 March 2005

CPPIH Publishes responses to consultation on futuresupport for forums

28 Feb 2005

September - December 2004

Refusal over smoking ban will disappoint people
16 Nov 2004

Chief Executive to take up new post

25 Oct 2004

Need for Health Forums to remain independent

11 October 2004

Forums stage biggest public 'Bugwatch' survey.

16 September 2004

May - August 2004

Alarm at infection of patients with TB

3 August 2004

PPI will build on firm foundations

22 July 2004

Arm's length bodies review proposals threaten future of patient and public involvement - says CPPIH chair
22 July 2004

New Website Addresses Imbalance of Power in Health

20 July 2004

Dentistry reform welcome

16 July 2004

Forums already in action against superbug

14 July 2004

PPI Forum members call for emphasis on prevention rather than cure in health policy

Choosing Health Summary Equal opportunities monitoring form

7 July 2004

Teenagers risking their lives to stay slim

17 June 2004

Campaign to bring relief to thousands of cancer patients

15 June 2004

January - April 2004

CPPIH is Shaping Health
11th February 2004

Commission Opens the Door for the Public in Health
11th February 2004

CPPIH Welcomes CHI Report On Patient & Public Involvement
10th February 2004

July - December 2003

Have a Say on PPI Forums' Guide
8th December 2003

Patient and Public Forums Signal "Quiet Revolution" in Health
1 December 2003

Rosie Winterton Welcomes New Patient and Public Involvement Forum Members
25 November 2003

Language Barrier A Real Obstacle To Health Care
20 October 2003

Local Network Provider Network For PPI Forums
3 September 2003

National Campaign begins to find 4,500 People seeking the best of Health
27 August 2003

CPPIH short listed for website award
18 July 2003

Statement by the Chair of CPPIH following publication of the health select committee report on CPPIH
16 July 2003

January - June 2003


CPPIH moves to next stage on appointment of Local Network Providers
25 June 2003

CPPIH Notification of Board meeting, Wednesday 25th June 2003
18 June 2003

Milestone achieved towards increased patient and public involvement
1 May 2003

CPPIH announces extension of deadline
14 March 2003

CPPIH first Board meeting to be held Thursday 27th March 2003
14 March 2003

Commission invites independent voice to shape the future in health
7 March 2003

The Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health Announces Regional Structure
31 January 2003


The Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health (CPPIH)

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