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PPI Forums

There is a Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Forum for every NHS Trust and Primary Care Trust (PCT) in England.

The PPI Forums are made up of local volunteers who are enthusiastic about influencing and improving the way that local healthcare is delivered.

The Forums are here to ensure local people have their say in decisions about local health services.

They have statutory powers to ensure that health service providers listen to their views and members of PPI Forums are also provided with training and development opportunities to enable them to participate effectively.

Each PPI Forum is supported by a local Forum Support Organisation.

PPI Forums have a number of primary roles, which include:

  • Obtaining views from local communities about health services and make recommendations and reports
  • Making reports and recommendations on the range and day to day delivery of health services
  • Influence the design of and access to NHS services
  • Providing advice and information to patients and their carers about services

PPI Forums work together to share experiences and to address common issues.

For further information regarding PPI Forums, please download our information leaflet

Download leaflet .

If you are interested in becoming a PPI Forum member please click here to register your details or call 0845 120 7115.






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