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Forum Support Organisations

Forum Support Organisations (FSO) are not-for-profit organisations that have been contracted to support the PPI Forums.

These organisations, independent of the NHS, use their knowledge, experience and existing contacts within local communities to support PPI Forums.

They are single organisations or consortia that play a vital role in helping to shape the future of health provision throughout England. They are managed on a geographical basis by nine regional centres.

Each FSO supports two or more PPI Forums by providing them with access to administrative and development support and a comprehensive knowledge management infrastructure. Specifically Forum Support Organisaions:

  • Help the Commission by supporting the recruitment and training of PPI Forums
  • Help PPI Forums communicate with each other, the Commission and other external networks and organisations
  • Arrange for information and guidance provided by the Commission to be available to the PPI Forums
  • Help PPI Forums to monitor NHS services
  • Help PPI Forums play an active role in health-related decision-making
  • Provide administrative support to PPI Forums

Conditions of work

FSOs, contracted to the Commission, are operationally responsible to the relevant regional centre.

Each are required to support at least two PPI Forums on a geographical rather than a specialist basis. Local performance will be directed by objectives and standards set by the regional centre under a performance management process.

FSOs are required to comply with policies and regulations as specified in its contract. They provide premises for, and staff to support, its PPI Forums. Funding is dependent on the number of PPI Forums they support.

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Shaping the future of Forums

There have been over 4,000 responses to the consultation on how to support PPI Forums in the future.

To read the responses click here

If you are interested in becoming a PPI Forum Member please register your details.

The Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health (CPPIH)

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