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1. What is the duration of the contracts for the Forum Support Organisations (FSOs)?

Forum Support Organisations contracts are valid until December 31 2006. We have now started a closed tender process in which current FSOs can apply to provide support services to all Forums from 1st January 2007 until the abolition of the Forums.

2. How will the contracts be performance managed and what are the standards?

A Forum Support Organisation will be responsible to the relevant regional centre for meeting the terms and conditions of its contract among which is included the requirement to participate in a performance management process. Objectives set under this process will ensure FSO's meet the local patient and public involvement agenda rather than the agenda of any special interest group.

3. What happens if an organisation does not measure up to the standards?

Contracts will be managed by the Commission's appropriate regional centre who will discuss issues in the context of a performance management process. Termination procedures will be covered in the terms and conditions of the contract.   The Commission works closely with FSOs to ensure that services are delivered to a high standard. Where this is not the case the Commission reserves the right to terminate contracts early and secure an alternative Service provider. 

4. What are the strategies CPPIH will use for meeting the training needs of the PPI Forum members?

CPPIH will be developing training appropriate to local needs and will therefore develop programmes with Forum Support Organisations and Patient and Public Involvement Forum members appropriate to those local needs.


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