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Forum Members' stories

The PPI Forums are made up entirely of volunteers, people from your local community who decided to get involved and help improve local health services

Below are just some of the views and experiences that our volunteers have gained from being part of a PPI Forum.

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Emma Wicks:

"By joining a PPI Forum you can actually make a difference within your community and the health service in general. You also get to meet a wide range of new people and learn valuable new skills. The Forum is listened to by the Trust and our views and recommendations are taken seriously."

Jackie Prestwich:

"I would encourage people to become involved in their local Forums because they can make a difference. The only knowledge I had about the health service when I started was my own experience of it but it was a start!

I would advise anyone to take time to become informed about your local health economy and you may be surprised at how fascinating it all is!"

Joe Odeyemi

"They are important as they give the opportunity for local people to have a voice and get involved in the way the health service is run and with others help shape things for the benefit of all"

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