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Getting Involved

What's involved?

The PPI Forums are made up of volunteers enthusiastic about helping patients and the public to have their say and improve local health services.

Volunteers from your community


Our volunteers come from all backgrounds and have a range of experiences and knowledge. They are keen to work with all sectors of the community to find out what people really think about health services in the local area and to take action wherever necessary.

Training and development


No formal skills or qualifications are required to join a PPI Forum.

CPPIH provides a wide range of free training courses to support and help Forum members develop the skills they need. New members are also provided with a personal induction to help them get started.

Local Support


PPI Forums are provided with ongoing local support from voluntary organisations, known as Forum Support Organisations (FSO), and from our staff at the CPPIH Regional Centres.

How much time will you need to volunteer?

Most members make a regular commitment of between 4 - 5 hours per week. As a guide we would expect you to be able to volunteer at least 3 hours per week.

What types of PPI Forums can you join?

There are several types of PPI Forums linked to different organisations in the NHS. The include:

Primary Care Trusts - these provide a range of health services, for example, GPs, dentists and community nurses and arrange for hospital services

NHS Acute Trusts - these provide services such as those in your local hospital and include hospitals with Foundation status

Specialist NHS Trust - such as those that provide mental health, ambulance or specialist children's services.

If you apply to become a Forum member we will discuss with you which one is the most appropriate to join.

Will PPI Forum members be paid?

No, but appropriate travel costs will be reimbursed. Financial help will also be available to provide assistance for out of pocket expenses, such as childcare and carers' costs.

PPI Forums in the future

In July 2006 the Government announced the results of a review of the current structure of Patient and Public Involvement in the NHS.

This review proposes that in the future the PPI Forums will change into Local Involvement Networks (LINks) so to adapt to changes in the NHS.

At this stage these are just proposals and it will take some time before the statutory process completes to make this law.

Until this happens the PPI Forums remain the only organisations that provide volunteers with legal powers over the right to information, inspection and monitoring of NHS Services.


At this vital time for the NHS, PPI Forums are needed more than ever to ensure that patients and your local community have a say in how local health services are delivered.

Register your interest to become a PPI Forum Member.


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